Tuesday, 16 March 2010

yoyoyo, ive finally returned from being drowned under a wave of work, essays are done, portfolios are finished, interviews are interviewed and much more besides. despite this however im still masively behind on my last two projects for my art course, so after briefly coming up for air, i will be re-submerging as of tomorrow. On top of that ive got shit loads of stuff to do for the e.p launch on the 29th (of april, thank the lord) check this checklist
Cd design
Innersleeve design
sticker design
flyer design
t shirt design
zine designs
im being snowed under!! so to keep you happy for the long dark winter months, i thought id hit you up with some more shit, so heres some things ive done for leeds college of art and liverpool john moores university
demanding bastards

these are for leeds!

and these are for liverpool!

on another note i bloody hate trains, especially when youve got a hefty portfolio to navigate around indignant and rude people. thank god i had my ipod on me, so i could blast my wave of tinny reflected noise out of my ears and my lovely sennheisers into the consciousness of my fellow passengers. And incase you were wondering the playlist was a thing of beauty
were talking,
four year strong
gay for johnny depp
brand new
a textbook tragedy
and Architects
and some of you may be wondering exactly how much of that i could have got through, but i was on that bloody train for close to six hours in total, urghhhh.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

sup homeboys, got some more sweetness for you, thought id hit you up with the rest of the posters i've done recently and then actually move on to something more interesting. the these monsters gig was sick even though blacklisters and honeytone cody had to pull out luckilly were playing with blacklisters on the 22nd so all is not lost, I'll hit you up with the poster soon enough, blakfish split up before the gig this posters for, so that sucked.
worst new of my life mate
the previous one with them and gay for johnny depp was gorgeous though. never been so turned on in my life.
i patted the singer for gfjd on the back after the show and my hand came away black!!!
Fucking black!
The man sweated BLACK

going into the studio tomorrow to record the final track for our debut ep! this badboys called sandimashighschoolfootballrules and i reckon its probably our best one, keeps your eyes set to our myspace though as were cracking up a new track sometime in the near future!!!
more juice for you boys soon!

Monday, 1 March 2010

hollla again, got some more juice for your eyes, thought id crack up some gig posters id done in the past, i'm going to do them in bits though, cos i reckon relativly soon il run out of pictures, and ittle just be me writing and pleasing as that will be for me, it wont be as visually entertaining. so first things first, some dirty gig posters for you.

those are all proppper old(older even than the fish) so i apologise for the lack of quality.

anyway moving swiftly onwards, this week for me, has been all about the depressive grungy old alt rock.
were talking serious archers of loaf, oldschool cursive, small brown bike etc
so grease up your ears boys, here comes some juiice

pretty sweet huh? theres just something about this kind of oldschool stuff that really gels with my teenage brain. and its pretty bloody perfect after having a horribly long day of trying to print stuff and readying my portfolio for immanent interviews.
i think that archers come off alot more aggressive than a load of the stuff i listen to, it just seems that though things like converge are pretty clearly angry, the solidarity of the screaming and loud guitars, just makes it seem less aggressive in the end, it seems more of a singing style than genuine angst.
things like archers have that wonderfull impotence which can apparently only be expressed through muddy guitar tones and monotone vocals.
and i just bloody love that
allthough quiet clearly jacob bannon is one angry man, i wouldnt fuck with him mate.
i reckon im going to incorporate more music into this blog
cos yknow
im a music nazi
and i feel the need to force it on others

Sunday, 28 February 2010

First things first
how dyou do?
Thought id crack some old work up first, then work my way up from there
i reckon these fish are some of the older ones, so here you go!