Thursday, 4 March 2010

sup homeboys, got some more sweetness for you, thought id hit you up with the rest of the posters i've done recently and then actually move on to something more interesting. the these monsters gig was sick even though blacklisters and honeytone cody had to pull out luckilly were playing with blacklisters on the 22nd so all is not lost, I'll hit you up with the poster soon enough, blakfish split up before the gig this posters for, so that sucked.
worst new of my life mate
the previous one with them and gay for johnny depp was gorgeous though. never been so turned on in my life.
i patted the singer for gfjd on the back after the show and my hand came away black!!!
Fucking black!
The man sweated BLACK

going into the studio tomorrow to record the final track for our debut ep! this badboys called sandimashighschoolfootballrules and i reckon its probably our best one, keeps your eyes set to our myspace though as were cracking up a new track sometime in the near future!!!
more juice for you boys soon!

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